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Self-Paced eCourse with TED* and 3 Vital Questions

What if you could ask just 3 questions to help you apply the Power of TED* in your work and life, in any moment?

After decades of work we have boiled down the sum total of our work into these 3 questions. Those questions are now available for you in a self-paced online digital course comprised of 8 units, including videos, exercises, and a printable workbook.

Is drama taking a toll on your work and personal life?

The 3 Vital Questions online course transforms relationships.

  • Empowered Individuals: Awaken your inner observer and increase self-awareness as you learn practical ways to notice what triggers everyday drama and how to shift into more empowering ways of relating to others.
  • Cohesive Teams: Leaders will recover from reactive behavior more quickly so they can coach and develop their staff more effectively. Participants will ignite their passion for work and those they work with.
  • Productive Workplaces: Employees will experience a renewed sense of personal change, showing up to work with less stress and more ease and resulting in improved organizational outcomes.
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