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About Donna Zajonc, MCC, Director of Coaching

Donna Zajonc has been a Master Certified Coach since 2013 and is the Director of Coaching for the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic. She is the author of, Who Do You Want To Be on the Way to What You Want: Coaching with The Empowerment Dynamic, which was published in March 2022. I have collaborated with David Emerald for 15 years to bring The Empowerment Dynamic to the global community, working together to create unique trainings and programs that have changed the lives of thousands. Each week I write with David our TED* Works!®—their free Friday blog—sharing tips on how to shift from drama to empowerment. Over 500 coaches have completed the TED* for Coaches webinars I first launched in 2012. In 2017, I was honored by the Washington State International Coach Federation of the Year for the advancement of coaching excellence. Speaking with me I hope you hear my deep love of the concepts and desire to authentically apply The Empowerment Dynamic in my own work and life.

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