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Put the 3 Vital Questions to work in your organization!

Your organization is unique. Drama cannot be transformed in your workplace through a “one size fits all,” cookie-cutter approach.  To accomplish real transformation, the organization itself must engage in the co-creative process of setting the foundation and putting in place the essential elements of sustainable change. We do this in three steps.

“Like many of us, I have encountered several change management approaches over the course of my career. I’ve found none as helpful and practical as those in David Emerald’s The Power of TED* and his new book 3 Vital Questions. It is a vital read for any leader looking to inspire breakthrough change throughout their organization.”

—Robert T. Green, (Former) Senior Vice President, GE Healthcare Partners

Step One: Assessing and Planning

We work with you to clarify and define your desired outcomes for embedding 3VQ in the organization. We help you enroll and orient key leaders as champions to guide the implementation of 3VQ, thus paving the way to meet these outcomes.

Step Two: Design and Delivery

We design a plan for implementation and scaling of the 3VQ frameworks throughout your organization. A key focus is on building internal capacity and capability for delivery, applying a range of training and tools unique to the proven 3VQ approach.

Step Three: Sustaining the Transformation

Integrating the core 3VQ frameworks, language, and additional tools and systems into the organization creates a powerful positive momentum. As collaborative relationships become the norm, individuals and teams are energized and engaged as together they evolve a conscious culture.

Transform the Drama in Your Workplace.

Bring the 3 Vital Questions to your organization.