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Stop Rescuing, Start Coaching! Transforming the Need to Please

Coming Fall 2019 — A New Webinar for Experienced Coaches

As a professional coach, you have a passion to be a bold agent of change. But this genuine desire can be blocked by the desire to rescue or fix your clients.  In this webinar, based on David Emerald’s book The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) you will experience immediate personal insights into that pesky habit of rescuing! You’ll come away with new methods to “catch and redirect” yourself from rescuing to coaching.

What you will learn

    • How to identify rescuing and pleasing tendencies and how these traits keep you from being the bold, effective coach you want to be
    • Coaching tools and exercises to support your shift from Rescuer to Coach
    • Your personal triggers: what throws you into the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer
    • Strategies for self-care and requesting support, a challenge for habitual Rescuers
    • How to recognize when your clients are showing up as Rescuers to others, and how to coach and challenge them to transform the need to please
    • Identifying unmet needs that may be driving the desire to rescue and please.

This six-week webinar will be facilitated by Donna Zajonc, Master Certified Coach and Director of Learning and Coaching for the 3 Vital Questions and Power of TED* work.  ICF Continuing Education credits will be available. If you wish to be notified with further information, dates and pricing, please contact:   info@3VitalQuestions.com

“Stop Rescuing, Start Coaching” was presented at an ICF Australasia Virtual Professional Development program with over 130 coaches attending.  The program content resulted in a deep learning experience for our coaches. 90% indicated the session met or exceeded their expectations and 97% said they would recommend this session to other coaches. We are enormously grateful for Donna Zajonc’s expertise and professionalism in offering this training.”

—Grace Thomas PCC, President of Australasia ICF Chapter