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3 Vital Questions® Coaching Methods Course

Transform Drama to Design Your Dreams

Blended Learning: Online and Live Course

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These days it seems everyone is being hit by drama, both personally and professionally.  Our coaching clients are often stressed out and stuck in drama.  We coaches get stuck, too.  We desperately need a simple, yet profound method to free us and our clients from the dreaded drama that keeps everyone from being their best selves.

When coaches and their clients shift their focus from problems to outcomes, something amazing happens in the coaching relationship.  Reactive drama is transformed into results and dreams that really matter.  Coaches and their clients become collaborative, engaged, and resilient.  They welcome change as the fuel that empowers great outcomes.

An Overview of the Course

This course teaches the coaching concepts embedded in David Emerald’s groundbreaking books, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and his newest book, 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama

Once you register, you will receive lifetime access to our eCourse: 3 Vital Questions–Applying the Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) to Work and Life. The eCourse includes 8 units of 100% self-paced mobile friendly content, a 30-page workbook filled with coaching exercises and 18 video presentations by David Emerald. With the visual learner in mind, the eCourse is built upon an easy to use platform with engaging graphics. Unit by unit larger concepts are broken down into easy to understand material so you will gain a strong foundation in the core concepts of 3 Vital Questions.

The second component of this powerful course includes 8 live Zoom sessions facilitated by Donna Zajonc, Master Certified Coach. Participating coaches will build upon what they learned in the eCourse, engage in provocative dialogue and dig deep into the coaching competences that are behind the 3 Vital Questions and Power of TED* frameworks. In each live session coaches will learn from one another, participate in live coaching demonstrations and experience a new vision for their coaching. The combination of the eCourse, and the live 90-minute Zoom sessions, results in a rich blended learning experience. 

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