3VQ Special Celebration Course

“This is excellent work – clear, simple without being simplistic, and easy to remember with the great mnemonics.”
—Chris Thyberg
                 Principal, The Serving Way


You are invited to a one-time offering in celebration of the launch of the new book, 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama!

Join author David Emerald, and Donna Zajonc, Director of Learning and Coaching (husband and wife) in a special presentation of their popular e-course, including 4 bonus live trainings hosted by David and Donna.  

The 3 Vital Questions® leadership system ushers in a new era of possibility for the world of work by teaching leaders and teams to become collaborative, engaged, and resilient in the face of the rapid changes that mark today’s increasingly complex competitive environment.

This amazing offering combines online learning with live facilitation.  You will receive lifetime access to this acclaimed 8-unit e-course, plus four live 60-minute trainings with both David and Donna. You will learn:


The essential 3 Vital Questions frameworks, exercises and tools


The two mindsets and how one mindset leads to drama while the other mindset forms the foundation of empowered relationships


Practical tools to recognize your personal triggers in everyday dramas and how to shift into more productive ways of relating to yourself and others


The three Dreaded Drama Triangle roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer


The three TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) roles of Creator, Challenger and Coach and how to shift from drama to empowerment


How to develop an action plan to begin applying the 3 Vital Questions in all aspects of your life, including your organization

As an added bonus for enrolling in the e-course, you will receive a 28-page interactive workbook packed with actionable exercises and key information. When you complete the e-course and the 4 live sessions, you will have the tools you need to transform drama at home and at work.

Learn more about the eCourse

When you register, we will send you a coupon for lifetime access to this e-course beginning  May 1. You will move step by step through the 8-unit e-course on your own schedule and join the four 60-minute live trainings with David and Donna on:

May 16th, May 30th, June 11th and June 21st

All live sessions with Donna and David will be recorded made available to participants. So if you miss a live session, you will be able to view it later.     
Time: 9-10A.M. PDT

Cost $390.