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About David and The 3 Vital Questions

David Blue Heroh575

David Emerald Womeldorff is the Creator-in-Chief of the 3 Vital Questions® leadership frameworks proven to powerfully boost teamwork and productivity. Since the release of David’s bestselling book, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) thousands of people and organizations have achieved breakthroughs by applying his self-leadership techniques and attending his seminars worldwide. Working in close collaboration, David and his wife and business partner Donna Zajonc MCC have developed the frameworks that form the basis of the engaging workplace fable, 3 Vital Questions:Transforming Workplace Drama. He and Donna are the co-founders of the Bainbridge Leadership Center.

“Brilliant and approachable, 3 Vital Questions teaches mindfulness, awareness, choice, and freedom. By opening a window into your internal operating system, it shows you multiple ways to rise above problems and create the outcomes you long for. Read this book, then read it again!”

—Christine Wahl, M.A.Ed., MCC, Founder, Leadership Coaching Program, Georgetown University

“David Emerald has the uncanny ability to boil down the complexity of leadership development to its most powerful and accessible questions. His new book, 3 Vital Questions, entertainingly distills David’s wisdom of three decades spent helping leaders create the futures to which they aspire. May all who read it grow into the conscious practice of leadership.”

—Bob Anderson, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Creative Officer, The Leadership Circle, Co-founder and chairman, Full Circle Group and co-author of Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership