Transform Workplace Drama with the 3 Vital Questions

If you have ever experienced infighting, such as a team or a department pitting itself against another team or department; if you have ever worked for a micromanaging and overbearing boss; if you have ever navigated the changes that come with a merger or other significant restructuring process, then you have had a front-row seat to organizational drama. 

At a minimum, workplace drama causes inefficiency, frustration, and waste. The personal costs to those who work in organizations is immeasurable.

Author David Emerald's Story

At one point in my career, a new boss took over the department I worked in. This person, I soon discovered, was the most drama-producing boss I would ever work for. Every night I went home stressed and exhausted, worrying what the next day would bring. I tossed and turned at night. I wasn’t present to my family even when at home because I was always thinking about my problems at work.

I engaged in “ain’t it awful” stories of my work life with anyone who would listen. Needless to say—but its very prevalence points out our need to say it—drama is one of the primary forms of resistance and reactivity that hobbles the rate of positive organizational change. Even when positive change does take place, the initial atmosphere of success and freshness can quickly turn into an atmosphere of failure and discouragement once the drama resumes. And almost any experience of drama at work can be traced back to the impact of resistance to change.

What was the answer? Transforming and reducing drama in the workplace.

The fable of the book, 3 Vital Questions, turns that story around, eradicating the drama in much the way I wish I had been able to turn my own story around those many years ago.

I wrote this book to help you, your organization, and all those you work with, do the same.

Why are the 3 Vital Questions® frameworks so effective? First, they are simple and memorable. But to apply these tools to make a real difference in the workplace means learning new ways of thinking, relating, and taking action. We give you the support you need to make these breakthroughs a reality. You’ll learn how to upgrade mindsets, transform drama into empowered relationships, and create meaningful outcomes for individuals, teams and organizations!

Here are the 3 Vital Questions

“It is impossible to describe what a profound impact the 3 Vital Questions have had on my life, personally and professionally.”
—Chris Nagel, Director of Leadership & Team Development, Cleveland Clinic

Vital Question 1

Where are you placing your focus?

Are you reacting to the problems that trigger your anxiety or are you creating outcomes that matter to you?

Vital Question 2

How are you relating?

How are you relating to others, to your experience, and even to yourself? Are you relating in ways that produce or perpetuate drama, or in ways that empower others and yourself to be more resourceful, resilient, and innovative?

Vital Question 3

What actions are you taking?

Are you merely reacting to the problems of the moment, or are you taking creative and generative action—including the solving of problems—in service to outcomes?

Learn how to apply the 3 Vital Questions

The 3 Vital Questions® leadership frameworks were co-created by David Emerald, author of 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama, and Donna Zajonc, MCC.