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NEW by David Emerald, author of the bestselling The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).
3 Vital Questions is a teaching story about transforming workplace drama and its heavy costs to organizations.

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Working late at night, Lucas, a middle manager in a large organization, meets a custodian named Ted.

The two strike up a friendship as Ted teaches Lucas three vital questions with the power to transform the disillusionment he is experiencing at work. Readers follow Lucas as he learns how to shift from feeling like a Victim to acting as a Creator in his career. With the wise guidance of Ted and Kasey, a senior manager, Lucas applies the three vital questions and begins transforming his workplace relationships, with exciting results. At home, Lucas and his wife Sarah discover how the questions can spark creative collaboration with each other and their two young children.

“Leaders, I guarantee you will see yourself in many of the situations David Emerald presents in this book. A quick and enjoyable read that will have you taking notes and coming back to re-read sections related to your own challenges!”

—Paul J. Slaggert,
Director, Stayer Center for Executive Education;
University of Notre Dame

Praise for 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama
by David Emerald

  • “Like many of us, I have encountered several change management approaches over the course of my career. I’ve found none as helpful and practical as those in David Emerald’s The Power of TED* and his new book 3 Vital Questions. It is a vital read for any leader looking to inspire breakthrough change throughout their organization.”

    Robert T. Green
    Senior Vice President
    GE Healthcare Partners
  • “Brilliant and approachable, 3 Vital Questions teaches mindfulness, awareness, choice, and freedom. By opening a window into your internal operating system, it shows you multiple ways to rise above problems and create the outcomes you long for. Read this book, then read it again!”

    Christine Wahl, M.A.Ed., MCC
    Founder, Leadership Coaching Program
    Georgetown University
  • “It is impossible to describe what a profound impact the 3 Vital Questions have had on my life, personally and professionally. If you are looking for real happiness and health in your work and relationships, let this book serve as your invaluable guide.”

    Chris Nagel
    Director of Leadership & Team Development
    Cleveland Clinic
  • “David Emerald’s 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama empowers us to create healthy workplaces focused on dynamic interactions and sustainable results.”

    Karen M. Wall
    Vice President, HR Shared Services
    Fresenius Medical Care—North America
  • “David Emerald is one of the great champions of positive behaviour change as the best remedy for the heavy cost of workplace drama – both personally and organizationally. His book, 3 Vital Questions, provides accessible new insights and tools that will be valuable for anyone.”

    Michael Bungay Stanier
    author of the WSJ bestseller The Coaching Habit
  • “3 Vital Questions is engaging, easy to absorb, and packed with wisdom and actionable insights that can be implemented at every level of an enterprise. CEOs should make this required reading for everyone in their organization.”

    Rand Stagen
    Stagen Leadership Academy
  • “Creators change the world, but victims suck. They suck time, energy and momentum out of challenges desperate to become great opportunities. David Emerald has mastered helping leaders move from being victims of circumstance to creators choosing the brilliant futures they want. His new book, ”3 Vital Questions is the roadmap for how to make this happen.”

    Mike Maddock
    Founding Partner and CEO of Maddock Douglas and author of Free the Idea Monkey and Plan D
    Maddock Douglas
  • “This book illuminates the secret ingredient in change leadership—the human dimension. With its laser focus on outcomes, the 3 Vital Questions will revolutionize the way you think, relate and act to create sustainable change in times of rapid transformation.”

    Alison L. Ferren, MBA
    Senior Vice President, Integration and Performance Improvement
    Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health
  • “David Emerald has the uncanny ability to boil down the complexity of leadership development to its most powerful and accessible questions. His new book, 3 Vital Questions, entertainingly distills David’s wisdom of three decades spent helping leaders create the futures to which they aspire. May all who read it grow into the conscious practice of leadership.”

    Bob Anderson
    Founder, Chairman, and Chief Creative Officer, The Leadership Circle, Co-founder and chairman, Full Circle Group and co-author of Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership

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